Welcome to the Product of the Year 2017 Entry Form!

You’re in the right place to participate in the nation’s largest consumer survey on product innovation, where winners are picked by 2,000 shoppers. Entry only takes a couple of minutes. Please be sure to download the full RULES and read the details below.


What Do You Need to Enter?

  1. Product Description. You will need to enter a paragraph of no more than 100 words describing your product and its innovative features. Feel free to contact us for sample descriptions from past winners.
  2. Authorisation. Please make sure you have authorisation to enter on behalf of the brand.


What Happens After You Enter?

You will receive an email from us confirming your entry was successful. The email will contain further instructions on providing up to 5 product samples and a fact sheet for the Jury event. Please be advised that your participation in the program is not contingent upon providing these samples.


The Rules

You’re about to join a prestigious roster of brands that regularly compete for the Product of the Year award. But we want to make sure this is the right thing for you and you’re the right person to do this. Please be sure to read the Terms & Conditions in full.

Below are three key things you should know:

  1. If your product is voted a winner of its category, your total costs will be RM30,000. Please see the chart below for a full breakdown of the costs. All entrants, win or lose, will receive the full report on their category from Nielsen (worth RM20,000).
  2. Products cannot opt out once submitted. Due to the nature of the study, doing so may jeopardise the other products or even a whole category.
  3. By submitting the entry form, you provide your consent to the Terms of Submission of the contact and the Rules.


What Does it Cost?

Entry Free
If selected by Jury RM5,000
If voted category winner RM25,000


Please click here to download the full Rules.


Please feel free to contact us at +603-77262588 or ham@adoimagazine.com if you have any questions about the entry form.

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Date of launch in Malaysia
What is the innovation in the product?
The description in this section will be used by us to display the product to the Jury panel, and will accompany the image of your product in the consumers' research. You must therefore provide a brief description (up to 100 words) in 'consumer language'.

The Product of the Year research is conducted among a representative national sample of the adult population.
If your product / service is relevant for a specific target population only, please list here (e.g. women over the age of 50, etc)
RRP (Recommended Retail Price)
Competing Companies / Brands
Innovative Products / Services
Please list innovative products/services recently launched in the field of the submitted product / service, and which you believe may compete against your submitted product/service.
Who are the indirect competitors of the product?
What category in the consumers research do you believe will fit your product?
Please list the name of the category/ies under which you think your product should be displayed in the consumers' research.
Additional comments (if any)

  I declare that I have read and understood the attached Product of the Year RULES, and have decided to submit my product/service as a contender for the Product of the Year awards.

If the product/service whose details are listed above will be chosen by the Product of the Year Jury as eligible to be included in the consumers' research, the Company will pay the organizers of the Product of the Year Awards a sum of RM5,000 plus applicable taxes. I have been informed that products / services cannot be withdrawn once the Jury has made its decision.

If the product/service whose details are listed above is chosen by the consumers as Product of the Year in its category, the Company will pay the Product of the Year organizers a sum of RM25,000 plus applicable taxes for the right to use the logo.

I have been informed that payment for the right to use the logo will be made whether or not the winning product / service will use it in the year (12 calendar months) of winning it.

  To the best of my knowledge, all of the information I submitted here is complete and accurate.