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Past Winners:

poy_p01United Kingdom Philips Zoom NiteWhiteFor those who like the convenience of whitening while they sleep there is Philips Zoom NiteWhite Take-Home kits. This professional strength system offers results over the counter whitening strips can’t match. Choose from a 10% or 16% carbamide peroxide compliant solution - no matter which concentration, Philips Zoom NiteWhite will achieve your whitest smile in just 1 week. To use, simply insert your custom fit trays before going to bed and the active whitening ingredient works while you sleep – so you wake-up to a brighter smile. Philips Zoom is the only whitening system that contains ACP (Amorphous Calcium Phosphate), proven to reduce sensitivity, rebuild enamel, reduce fadeback and improve lustre.
poy_p04United States Adams Smart Shield ApplicatorThe Adams Smart Shield Applicator is a breakthrough topical flea and tick control delivery device with an exclusive, patent pending design that gets fast, effective treatment down to a pet’s skin - where bugs live. Designed with input from veterinarians and consumers, the applicator delivers a more confident, secure, and easy application of topical treatment, which starts killing fleas and ticks in 15 minutes and helps prevent re-infestation for up to two months.
poy_p05Italy Philips LEDThe new design of the lamp is very similar to the traditional incandescent bulb but is an innovative alternative. New pack explains the product features, facilitating the choice of the bulb. All inspired by LED technology, which saves up to 90% less energy than traditional bulbs. Producing a quality light, turns on instantly and has a long lifespan.
poy_p02bUnited Kingdom Cadbury Twirl BitesIntroducing new Cadbury Twirl Bites - the nation’s favourite chocolate bar in bitesize, chocolatey chunks. Each bite is the perfect mouthful of delicious, smooth Cadbury milk chocolate layered over curls and twirls of chocolate. Now in a re-sealable sharing bag, everyone’s favourite chocolate is the perfect treat for nights in and out, or sharing the indulgent, melt-in-the-mouth fullness of Twirl Bites with friends and family.
poy_p06bIndia Croma Portable Air ConditionerA unique product which has a one-ton capacity and is ideal for a small room or office. It does not require much installation work, and its non-drip technology eliminates the need for manual drainage. Its rotary compressor is energy-efficient and the unit can be also as a fan and de-humidifier. A 12-hour programmable timer and 3-speed oscillating fan allow ease of use and true comfort. The Croma Portable Air Conditioner delivers low noise performance and comes with a full-fuction remote control with LCD display.
poy_p03United States GoodNites Disposable BedMatsGoodNites Bed Mats are designed to give you and your child a better night by helping to manage the frustrations and sheet changes that come with bedwetting. GoodNites Bed Mats are highly absorbent, disposable cloth-like mats with a special ‘stay-in-place’ non-residue adhesive that helps protect bedding by offering outstanding bedtime protection. Simply place, peel and protect to see how GoodNites Bed Mats protect sheets for a better night.
poy_p07India Tuborg ZeroTuborg Zero, a non-alcoholic malt beverage was launched for the non-alcohol consumers which constitutes 81% of the population. The offering not only gives the experience of a great malt based drink but also gives the opportunity to consumers to experience the fun and music aspect of the brand. This fantastic product is imported from Russia and is set to catch the consumers eye with the innovative pull-off cap and its new visual identity, rolled out globally earlier this year. It showcases a never-before seen breakthrough packaging, a bottle that adds a cool new look with its edgy appearance and an easy to hold grip. It’s a brand which constantly breaks boundaries, and it did it again, by tilting its logo on the packaging, resulting in a more dynamic, irreverent look.
poy_p08Italy Birra MorettiEasy to use, easy to handle, compact to store in the refrigerator and provides 4 litres of Birra Moretti - always fresh and perfectly tapped just as drunk on the premises and in the best breweries. It is made of PET that provides excellent storage, the beer remains unchanged up to 30 days after opening. And to draw beer at the right temperature, simply follow the indications of the thermometer on the outside of the barrel.
poy_p09United Kingdom Belvia BraBelvia Bra is probably the most comfortable bra you will ever wear. There are no seams, hooks or underwires leaving it almost invisible under your clothes. Just choose your dress size and the stretch weave fabric will simply conform to your body giving you complete comfort and a natural lift. In fact it’s so comfortable you won’t even feel like you’re wearing a bra at all; you can even sleep in it!


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